Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pūrva Bhāga – Tapini Kalā - पूर्व भाग - तपिनी कला - 1.2

औम् ह्रीम् श्रीदेवी नमः

19 January 2016

The Puranā-s give a number of accounts relating to Agastya. When Mitrā and Varuṇā were so bewitched by the beauty of the damsel OorvaśI that their semen spilled over.  A part of it fell into a pot (Kumbha) and Agastya was born out of it. Hence he is called कुम्भजन्म (Kumbhajanma), घडोद्भव (Ghaḍodbhava), कुम्भयोनि (Kumbhayoni), कलसोद्भव (Kalasodbhava). कुम्भमुनी (Kumbhamunī). The other part fell in the water and it is said that वसिश्त (Vasiśta) emerged from it. अग: (Aga:) means mountain. अगस्त्य (Agastya) is one who stops it (the Vindhyā mountain) from growing.

While his height was that of a thumb, his knowledge and power of penance was supreme. He is also considered foremost amongst the worshipers of Śrī Vidyā. There is another story of Agastya having swallowed the seven seas. He is one of the सप्तऋशि (Saptaṛśi-s).

There are 12 prominent worshippers of Śrī Vidyā:

मनुः चन्द्रः कुबेरच्ः लोपमुद्राच्ः मन्मदः ।
अगस्तिः अग्निः सुर्यच्ः इन्द्रः स्कन्दः शिवस्तता ।
क्रोधभट्टारक देव्याः स्त्वतचामी उपासकः ॥

manuḥ candraḥ kuberacḥ lopamudrācḥ manmadaḥ ।
agastiḥ agniḥ suryacḥ indraḥ skandaḥ śivastatā ।
krodhabhaṭṭāraka devyāḥ stvatacāmī upāsakaḥ ॥

मनु, चन्द्र, कुबेर, लोपमुद्र, मन्मदा, अगस्त्य, अग्नी, इन्द्र, स्कन्द, शिव, क्रोध, भट्टारक (Manu, Chandra, Kubera, Lopāmudra, Manmadā, Agastya, Agnī, Indra, Skanda, Śiva, Krodha, Bhaṭṭāraka).

भट्टारक (Bhaṭṭāraka) is ढुर्वास (Dhurvāsa).

औम् ह्रीम् श्रीदेवी नमः

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